October 20, 2010

Crossroads Interview: Judith Graves (Under My Skin)

Today, Judith Graves joins me for a fun little interview as part of the Crossroads Tour. We talked about her, her books, and Halloween!

Do you like the cover for Second Skin more than the cover for Under My Skin?

The cover for UMS has a bit of backstory. I was originally contracted with a different publishing house who created that cover, and I while I thought the rose was a bit too adult romance, I started promoting the book using the image. Then that publisher closed their young adult line before UMS was published, and I found a new home with Leap Books (www.leapbks.com). I had the choice of getting a new cover, but by then the rose had grown on me. Now, I can’t imagine a different cover for UMS. I did have more input into the cover for Second Skin – I wanted it to be bloody (you’ll find out why when you read the book), and Leap didn’t disappoint.
What is Skin of My Teeth?

Skin of My Teeth is the third and final book in the Skinned series. It will be released in 2012.

Is your name really Judith Graves?

Nope, it’s not my real name, but it is the one I write YA paranormal titles under. This isn’t really a secret – I just wanted a gothic name for my paranorm stuff. I also write contemporary YA under my real name, Tracy Belsher.

What else are you working on?

Besides working on the rest of the Skinned series, Second Skinand Skin of My Teeth, I have a few contemporary YA projects and another YA paranormal series I’m co-writing with Kitty Keswick.

What is your favorite Halloween tradition?
I love renting a bunch of horror flicks for the big night. After the trick-or-treaters have stopped knocking on our door, we settle in by the family room – suitably gothic fire roaring in the fireplace – candles lit on the mantel. Screams are optional.  

What a fun interview! Make sure you guys go buy Under My Skin and check out the Crossroads Tour site for more info about the tour and all the authors featured.

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  1. I really enjoyed Under My Skin, and I'm looking forward to any sequels. Great interview :)


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