November 30, 2010

Ask Alex #1

Ask Alex:

 Answering your burning questions about blogging, reading, writing, and everything in between!

When did you get your first ARC? How long had you been blogging?

Great question! I got my first ARC (Jekel Loves Hyde) about two months after I started reviewing on the blog. It was a great surprise and made me freak out so hard.

How do you get your awesome banners? Can you make me one? Also, why do you change them so much?

Lesley from Young Adult Books Reviewed has made my recent banners and buttons. She is so brilliant and talented. I do not have this talent, so it would be impossible for me to make you one. Sorry!

I change my header and design all the time, I know. I just like changing things up sometimes.

How do you have time for it all? Blogging, reading, school, twitter, writing... Do you ever sleep?

I usually get seven to eight hours of sleep, actually. I make time. To be honest, I do not read that fast. I am ashamed to admit that it takes me about a week to read one book, on average. For writing, I hit my word count and close the file. School, I don't get to choose making time for that. Twitter, I do that while I am doing everything else!

What is your deal with ebooks and ereaders?

Ever wondered why they are called ebooks? Contrary to popular belief, the "e" stands for evil. Technology takes the magic out of reading a book. You don't get a pretty cover, or the pleasure of flipping pages. You can't look over and admire the beautiful collection of books you have. They may work for some people, but they will never be for me.

How did you get so many followers? How do  you promote your blog?

I honestly have no idea how I got all those followers. I started off with zero, just like everyone else. Only a select few people I know in real life know about my internet life, so they didn't help. Well, I stayed active in the community. I started talking to other bloggers and authors on twitter, commenting on their blogs, and just providing good content on my blog. Make sure you don't spam.

As for promotion, I just stayed active in the community. Other bloggers and authors really helped me, mentioning my blog in various places. Again, I do not do any promoting apart from on the internet.

  How do you get so many books for review?

Well, authors and publishers usually ask me to review a book or a few. I say yes, and they send them. I don't know why people send me so many books, especially when there are so many other awesome people they could send them too instead. I guess it is because I write solid, thorough reviews.  And sometimes, I ask publishers or authors if they can hook me up with a book. I wouldn't recommend doing that unless you have solidified your place in the blogging world, however.

Thanks for joining me for my first edition of Ask Alex. If you have a question you want answered, fill out the form below!


  1. AMAZING new banner!! I agree with you about ebooks-- they are indeed evil. I can never really get into an ebook, no matter how good it is. :)

  2. I love the new banner! I totally agree with you ebooks. They are evil. I have the hardest time reading them to begin with, but I could never part with being able to hold an actual book in my hands.

  3. Hot glasses! lol I want some real ones like that! :)

    Also, I love the new blog look and these were some great questions/answers.

  4. I like the new header!

    Interesting answers--learning more about bloggers is always great!

  5. I love the new banner! Also agree on the "e" in e-books. Nothing replaces a REAL book! It was fun reading the interview questions, thanks for sharing!

  6. Great Banner! And great post!
    It actually takes me on average one week to read a book as well.

  7. Great idea for a post. I love to learn about other bloggers and I love your blog. You always have great reviews and are very honest, which is most important. Love the new banner!

  8. Loved your answer to ebook question!! I think the same!

  9. I liked Jekel Loves Hyde! to be honest Jessica's Guide was way better though!! Still both had spunk which I liked! I agree with the making time answer, its difficult, but yeah some how you learn to manage. Don't feel bad about a week per book, that is the average for me too. I just don't have the time I would like to. E-books are evil so true you nailed it exactly right there! Can't wait for the next segment!!!

  10. Hey, one book a week isn't too bad. I wish I could pull that off while doing all my schoolwork, writing, and sleeping. =)

    Btw, I love your blog!


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