November 4, 2010

Character Interview: Quince Fletcher (Forgive My Fins)

Forgive My Fins

Lily Sanderson has a secret, and it’s not that she has a huge crush on gorgeous swimming god Brody Bennett, who makes her heart beat flipper-fast. Unrequited love is hard enough when you’re a normal teenage girl, but when you’re half human, half mermaid like Lily, there’s no such thing as a simple crush.

Lily’s mermaid identity is a secret that can’t get out, since she’s not just any mermaid – she’s a Thalassinian princess. When Lily found out three years ago that her mother was actually a human, she finally realized why she didn’t feel quite at home in Thalassinia, and she’s been living on land and going to Seaview high school ever since, hoping to find where she truly belongs. Sure, land has its problems – like her obnoxious, biker boy neighbor Quince Fletcher – but it has that one major perk – Brody. The problem is, mermaids aren’t really the casual dating type – when they “bond,” it’s for life.

When Lily’s attempt to win Brody’s love leads to a tsunami-sized case of mistaken identity, she is in for a tidal wave of relationship drama, and she finds out, quick as a tailfin flick, that happily-ever-after never sails quite as smoothly as you planned.


To start this Q&A off, tell us a bit about yourself.

I'm Quince Fletcher, I live in Seaview, Florida, and I go to high school (for a little longer, anyway). I live with my mom and I work part-time at a lumber yard. It's hard work sometimes, but it helps pay the bills. And I ride a motorcycle named Princess.

Do you like living in Seaview? If so, why?

Seaview's okay. I'm not sure I need to spend the rest of my life here, but there are worse places to be. Hurricane season is pretty terrible. But the rest of the year it's bearable. There's an energy, a passion for living that makes everything feel more vital. I guess that's as much of a reason as any other to live somewhere.

What do you think of that Sanderson girl?

On the record? I don't think much about her. Off the record? Well ... I might have to admit to liking her a little more than I should. She's completely obsessed with Bennett and would just as soon see me fall of the nearest building than talk to me. But I don't really get to decide who I fa-- er, who I like. Right? 

What are you gonna do about that Brody guy?

What can I do? Lily's convinced herself she's in love with him, and nothing I do to him is gonna change that. The best I can hope is for her to finally see who he really is, a far cry from the fantasy she's imagined.

What is your favorite thing to do around town?

Besides working and helping my mom and teasing Lily? Probably just getting on my bike and riding nowhere in particular. I end up at the beach a lot, something about the ocean calls to me. Some days, when I'm more frustrated than usual, I wish I could ride forever. But real life and an empty gas tank always win out.

Is there a girl that you are interested in right now?

I think I already answered that one to the best of my embarrassment. 

What does it feel like when your on your motorcycle?

Pure freedom. Just me and the road, racing down to the Keys or up to the Cape. The best (and most legal) solution to a truly crappy day. 

Anything you’d like to add?

Read Lily's story. I know I'm going to, because I need to find out what happens with that girl.


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